2nd and 3rd Pre-IEO Information

For the 2nd Pre-IEO, USDT deposits will proceed from December 5–9, 2022, as previously announced.

If the market price of MRST does not reach the 2nd Pre-IEO price of 1MRST = $0.1, the 2nd Pre-IEO will automatically end, and the 2nd Pre-IEO amount (15,000,000 MRST) will be burned.

❗️The 3rd Pre-IEO deposit will proceed from March 6th to 10th, and it will proceed on the same basis as the 2nd round.

1st Pre-IEO participant compensation

All participants in the 1st Pre-IEO will be compensated with MRST equal to the amount they participated in the 1st Pre-IEO, given over two rounds.

🟦 1st round: December 1, 2022–50% of participation amount

🟦 2nd round: January 1, 2023–50% of participation amount

❗️ Even if the 1st Pre-IEO participant does not currently hold a Martian NFT, they are eligible for compensation.

Thank you!



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