[Aqua Farm] CBT #1 has just started

Mars Labs
2 min readJul 25, 2022

The Mars Corp. has announced that they are going to run a Closed Beta Test (CBT) schedule starting Jul 25, 2022, for Aqua Farm, a P2E-based Adventure RPG Game published by The Mars Corp.

They decided to run CBT with 2 separate schedules to test a stable testing environment. As a typical feature of CBT, the team plans to show the completeness of the project while gathering players’ feedback and accumulated data for their ultimate game balancing.

The first round of CBT with Phase 1 runs from Jul 25–29, 2022 (UTC+9) with limited people who have special roles, such as community members and creators/influencers. The second round of CBT with Phase 2 will run from Aug 29 — Sep 2, 2022. It will be available for all holders, who hold Aree NFT, ocean creatures in Aqua Farm. More importantly, in Phase 2, hidden contents that were not revealed in Phase 1 will be added and released so that players can experience various contents through CBT.

What is Aqua Farm?
Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG game based on blockchain technology with a Play-to-Earn structure. It is built on Polygon Network and supports game service based on major mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS in consideration of the convenience of global players. It is also possible to play on a desktop with utility programs.
Players will get to navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World where they and Aree grow stronger together as they explore, survive, and fight through various adventures and quests. As the players’ Aree grows stronger, more difficult quests and dungeons, as well as more lucrative rewards will be available.
Aqua Farm was inspired by the P2E game pioneer, Axie Infinity and a popular anime, Pokémon. We aim to build on our predecessors to provide a more lasting P2E game with more elaborate and sustainable token economics.

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