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3 min readJul 28, 2023


Hello. This is The Mars Team.

Today, we’d like to update you on our future plans for brizzi.

First of all, we apologize for the long suspension in BRZZ mining and the difficulty in moving forward with the NFT Launchpad platform.

As a side note, when the development of the brizzi was more than 50% complete, the NFT market plummeted and many domestic and foreign NFT platforms, except for Opensea and Magic Eden, were unable to monetize for a long time. As such, we decided that even if we were to create an NFT trading platform, it would be difficult to do so while the NFT market itself had declined by more than 90%, and it is obvious that the value of the BRZZ token would eventually decline as well, so we announced a temporary suspension and started thinking about a new direction.

Transformation into the brizziDAO
We thought long and hard, and came to the conclusion that the best way for BRZZ token holders would be a DAO system.

We decided that a token launchpad would be the best business model for a DAO that would benefit everyone. Unlike NFTs, the launchpad market for tokens will remain steady in the future and will benefit BRZZ token holders when we find good projects and they make a successful debut.

Please refer to the attached image for brizzi dao mechanism.

In the image above, the BURN percentage of the Launchpad fee is not finalized and will be determined by the DAO.

The Martians NFT will continue to serve its original purpose as a PFP NFT that authenticates you as a true fan of the The Mars Metaverse, while brizzi is a separate project for additional utilities to further solidify the Martian NFT’s community. While the Martian NFTs are used to EARN the BRZZ token, the governance of brizzi is determined by the BRZZ token holders.

Role of The Mars
develop the brizzi Launchpad system
technical advisor and CEX liaison for projects participating in the Launchpad

The Role of BRZZ Holders
Define the Tokenomics distribution ratio
IDO, IEO Price Definition
Definition of The Martians NFT Staking Reward
Define the role of IDO PASS
Launchpad Fee Definition
Define the percentage of BRZZ tokens burned for Launchpad fees
define whether the Launchpad project will proceed (determined by a vote of all BRZZ token holders)
define other direction for the BRZZ token and brizzi operations in general

Currently, the brizzi platform has not had an initial private sale and the token holders are all Martian NFT holders, so the team believes it is well on its way to becoming a true DAO system that is not beholden to capital.

Role of The Mars as a web development supporter is to help the DAO grow technically.
Most decisions will be voted on by the DAO, and initially, details such as tokenomics may be defined offline by those with the largest token holdings.

To further explain the above and make some decisions, we will be holding brizzi meetings on the date below.

brizziDAO Meeting Details
Date: Saturday, August 5, 2023
Date&Venue: Only eligible participants will be notified separately.
Participants: Top 30 BRZZ token holders (27.6% of holdings)
Application for attendance :

👉👉Application for attendance:👈👈

Top BRZZ token holders list



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