👀CBT#2 Sneak Peek: Citizen Tier

Mars Labs
3 min readDec 15, 2023

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the Mellow metaverse with our growth system, the Citizen Tier! This new feature allows players to track their advancements, bask in honor, and amass wealth based on their gameplay in Mellow.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek into what’s in store for the upcoming Closed Beta Test #2!

*Please note that all details below can and will change as we are still developing to make the game more fun and better!

[How it Works]

Accumulate Citizen Score 📊

▶ Engage in diverse content daily to earn valuable “Citizen Score” points, the currency that determines your Citizen Tier.

▶ Participation in daily Mellow activities, engaging in intense PvP basketball showdowns, or exploring various recreational offerings, every adventure contributes to your Citizen Score.

▶ Psst… Heard whispers about exclusive bonuses for holders of The Martians NFT? Keep those peepers wide open for exciting updates!

Citizen Tiers

Special Benefits for Top Rankers 🏆

▶ Exceptional performers in each game content stand to gain even more special perks, ensuring that competitive spirits are rewarded generously. So, don’t hold back — play your heart out!

Seasonal Progression ⏳

▶ With each season, accumulate points by participating in different activities and soaking in the vibrant life in Mellow. These points determine not only your Citizen Level but also your Citizen Tier.

▶ At the end of the season, Citizen Tiers will reset, offering everyone a fresh start and a fair chance to reach for the coveted Super Nova, the highest tier attainable in Mellow. Don’t worry, your unique Citizen Level stays untouched!
*length of a season is yet to be determined.

Tier Demotion Challenges 🎢

▶ Stay on your toes as your tier can be demoted during the season based on factors such as online activity and other conditions. It adds a thrilling element of challenge to the mix, ensuring that players remain engaged and committed.

[Rewards Galore]

Unique Aesthetics ✨

▶ Progressing through tiers unlocks exclusive ID backgrounds, colors, and badges, allowing you to stand out and be recognized for your achievements at a glance. Shine brighter than the rest in the Martian metaverse!

Increasing Base Income 💰

▶ Ascend through the tiers to enjoy higher daily base income.

▶ Different tiers offer varying rewards, ranging from Muro to Muro+Gems, and for the elite few, Muro+Gems+Bitrium — Mars’s ultra-rare resource exchangeable to MRST.

Muro, Gem & Bitrium


Get ready to dive into the Mellow metaverse like never before during Closed Beta Test #2! The Citizen Tier system promises a dynamic, competitive, and rewarding gameplay experience. Sharpen your skills, form alliances, and aim for the stars — Mellow awaits!

**Please note that all contents, information, and images can and will change as the game is still in development



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