[the Mars] Information about $MRST Pre-IEO

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2 min readAug 3, 2022


We are very excited to bring you the news regarding IEO/IDO, one of the biggest benefits for The Martians NFT.

We decided to divide the sales into three separate rounds in order to preserve the value of MRST and minimize the loss for our investors, and designed a model similar to a call option.

We will do our best to ensure that the value of The Martian NFTs and MRST continues to rise.

[MRST Private Sale Event]
1. Total MRST available to purchase per 1 Martian NFT: 9,000 MRST

2. Price / Schedule
Sale Price: 1 MRST = $0.10

1st Pre-IEO Sale [2022. 08. 30] — 3,000 MRST: 300 USD
**Snapshot 2022. 08. 25. 10 am(GMT+9)

2nd Round Sale (second half 2022) — 3,000 MRST: 300 USD
3rd Round Sale (first half 2023) — 3,000 MRST: 300 USD

※ 2nd & 3rd sale schedules are subject to change depending on the market condition.

2. How to participate
The website will only be available for those who are eligible after the snapshot, will be able to access. After KYC authentication (accepting the privacy policy), you will be able to exchange 300 USDT for 3,000 MRST through a smart contract by linking the Metamask wallet.

[ Caution ]
※ Those who have multiple Martian NFTs can apply for 1~3,000 MRST exchange per 1 Martian NFT (number of NFTs * 3,000 = maximum MRST that can be purchased)

※ The Martian NFT holders can exercise the same right to purchase at $0.1 for the 2nd and 3rd rounds. However, if the market price is lower than $ 0.10, you have the option not to purchase.

※ Holders who are staking The Martian NFTs do not need to cancel their staking.

※ The company will burn all unsold MRST among the 1st~3rd sale volume.

※ Currently under review for listing, the exact listing date cannot be confirmed.

※ Please be aware of investment losses, the market price may be lower than the listed price.

The snapshot planned for Aug 25 is for the 1st Pre-IEO Sale ONLY. Snapshots for the 2nd & 3rd sale will be taken separately in the future.



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