Information about $PBOS Token Distribution

Hello, Fellow Martians!

Our MRST Staking Platform started on November 24, 2022, and $PBOS token distribution began.

In order for the MRST staking reward, 8,437 PBOS tokens release every day, and 1,152 PBOS tokens can be distributed in LP Pool.

As the distribution of PBOS tokens began, 1,095.89041095 PBOS tokens of team amount will be unlocked every day.

As of November 30, the amount of PBOS tokens of the team amount has unlocked 7,671.23287665 PBOS.

Unlocked PBOS tokens can be distributed in the market, and they can be used for the purpose of development and team incentives.

Mars Labs will continue to take the lead in the order of the cryptocurrency market through transparent circulation disclosure.

Thank you!

$MRST Staking Service:
PBOS & MRST DEX Pool 1 —
PBOS & MRST DEX Pool 2 —



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