[Insight] Message from Dr. SangKyun Kim

Dr. SangKyun Kim (advisor of The Mars)

Along with the FTX meltdown and economic downturn, the overall crypto market is experiencing great turmoil. A great deal of investment has shrunk, and we know this also impacted our community users to a great extent.

Going back to Martian’s day #2 which took place last September, Dr. SangKyun Kim, advisor of Mars Labs shared the important message. In the midst of a chaotic market situation and challenging periods, it is necessary to focus on our ultimate product, Mars Metaverse, and not simply the price of MRST token itself. Here are the quotes from Dr. Kim.

First, the Agricultural Revolution lifted people out of poverty. Second, the Industrial Revolution helped people live in an era of material abundance. Third, the Digital Revolution, the era that we are living in these days.

The key point of the ‘Digital Revolution’ is to have communication. What this means is to help people communicate seamlessly through connection, as YouTube or Facebook does. Although there is no doubt about its usefulness, people have ambivalent feelings of critics and blame if these platforms are doing their best.

Here, I want to emphasize that we need to learn something based on previous revolutions.

Since the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, social polarization has actually been accelerated and people have been working extra hours. Similarly, what I can advise The Mars (Mars Labs) team is what we should keep in mind when talking about the Digital Revolution that we are living in.

First, to have a mindful attitude. It is necessary to listen to both insiders and outsiders participating in the platform. Second, to become an inclusive platform. It should be easily accessed by those who are not familiar with digital and anyone without the limitations of the country. Third, to maintain tolerance. It will allow us to share many social values ​​generated through The Mars, including our community and society.

By meeting the abovementioned conditions, I am quite sure that Mars: metaverse platform will stand out and play an important role in this new digital reality.

Likewise, many investors are struggling, but we all know. That good time will eventually come, and this bad time will end at some point. Simply, repeating the cycle. And remember, The Mars (Mars Labs) team is always with the users. In the end, the team will stand out and communicate with users through Mars: metaverse project itself, our ultimate goal of the project.



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