Introducing “Colling”, The Mars Metaverse mascot!

Say hello to “Colling”, our mars metaverse mascot!

We have a very “cute” news today. You may have seen stickers of a cute blue cat-like creature floating around our Discord and Telegram. Let us introduce “Colling”, our mars metaverse mascot! (You can download Colling stickers for Telegram here →

Introducing Collings
‘Collings join forces and become brave in the moment of crisis!’

Collings are timid cat-like sea creatures from the Colony Sea. Collings believe that anything is possible when they are together with friends, and they become a ‘Mega Colling’ when they joins forces when a threatening situation arises. When they get angry, they gradually change color from a blue Collling to a red Collling to show their anger. The only thing is…even when they make an angry expression, they are still so cute! Legend has it that in the dark of the night, they go back into the Colony Sea, their original resting place, and come out after recharging…

It’s easy to come across Collings in the metaverse, but then again, it’s not..! Collings do like people but they hide away because of their timid nature! If you go near the forest, you may be lucky enough to come across Collings… !?

Collings Profile
‘They exist everywhere but nowhere’

Name: Colling

Birthday: April 15th

Personality: They are timid but curious, and they like to live in groups — But they like people, so they like to stay by people’s side

Characteristics : When they get angry, their body changes color from blue → red — If they get scared, they gather together to become a ‘Mega Colling’ — If they are extreamly scared even after becoming a ‘Mega Colling’, they burst and return to their liquid status. — Super flexbile so they can get through even the tiniest space.

Apperance Area: everywhere in the Mars Colony…and nowhere in the Mars Colony…

What sound do you think Collings make? Meow? Beep? Coillings are both slime-like and cat-like, and can even change color like a chameleon! Rumor has it that someone has seen a Coke-colored Colling coming out of a vending machine… (Shh) This is all for the first news for Collings! In the coming months, various Collings will be introduces to the world. Please give lots of love for the Mars mascot Colling



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