📢Introducing “Mellow”! (+CBT News)

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2 min readAug 25, 2023


Hello, Martians!

We’ve been working hard towards the Mars: Metaverse since we launched the MRST Mining App.

In March, we held our first public test, dubbed ‘The First Expedition’, and now we’re about to begin the very first Closed Beta Test. We would like to thank all the Martians who have supported us as we continue to realize our roadmap.

With this new beginning, the Metaverse project known as “Mars” Metaverse” will continue under the official title of “Mellow.”

“The Mars” is the company name, and “Mellow” is the official Metaverse game title.

We look forward to sharing richer and more colorful experiences with the official Metaverse title ahead of the CBT.

Please spread the word about Mellow!!!

See below for the CBT schedule.

CBT Schedule for 'Mellow', the Metaverse game developed by The Mars

✅ CBT schedule: 19 Sep 2023 15:00–13 Oct 2023 15:00 (UTC+9)

✅Features: Life contents and mini-games (experience the land, customize and expand your house, customize avatars, interact with users through social actions, play basketball, drawing, and more).

✅Guide page: to be released later (limited edition costume events and competitions, etc.)

The app will be officially registered on both major stores, so mobile device is recommended for play. For this CBT, the token utilization feature has not been added, so you can play without a VPN.

[Mellow: Better than Earth]

Mellow is a metaverse game developed and operated by The Mars.

🟦Naming Story: The name “Mellow” represents relaxed, calm, and laid-back feelings of the game, and is a combination of the sounds from Portuguese for red, and the natural sounds of Mars+Hello.

🟦About the game: Welcome to “Mellow,” the multiplayer metaverse game set on the mysterious red planet, Mars. Become a part of the Martians society and explore “The Colony,” a lively concentric city on the red planet. Unleash your imagination with diverse activities in Mellow. Own estates, play fun sports with friends, enjoy your hobbies or simply relax by the fire. Ready to embrace the red planet?

Join Mellow — where it is “Better than Earth”!

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Mars Labs

Mellow is a Massively Multiplayer Mobile Metaverse Game.