🔎Journey to Mars (1) — Welcome to Mellow!

Mars Labs
3 min readDec 1, 2023

🚀 Greetings, Future Martians!

Welcome to “Mellow,” the Multiplayer Metaverse Game set on the mysterious red planet, Mars developed by Mars Labs.

You may have heard of its project name “Mars:Metaverse”, or you may even already be participating in our ecosystem through the MRST Mining App!

If not, we welcome all of you to become a part of the Martians society and explore “The Colony,” a lively concentric city on the red planet. Is this your first time to Colony? Don’t worry! In this series “Journey to Mars” we will guide you through everything about Mellow!

Are you ready for an exciting journey to Mellow where it is “Better than Earth!?”

Imagine claiming your own piece of the red planet — a personal spot in the Colony, filled with charming houses and vibrant hangout spots. It’s more than just land; it’s a canvas waiting for your unique touch.

As you step into Mellow, the experience transcends gaming; it becomes an exploration of a world where creativity flows freely. Your plot of land isn’t just space; it’s an opportunity to shape a world that reflects your ideas and dreams.

Picture inviting friends to your virtual space for relaxed chats, music, and casual get-togethers — a social hub where connections thrive and entertainment options are limitless!

🎮 Gaming Meets Life Adventures

Adventures with Real Rewards

Embark on the metaverse adventures in Mellow with the Play-and-Earn (PnE) feature, where you can collect Mars Tokens (MRST) as you explore and live your life on Mars. Transform your exciting adventures and valuable playtime with rewards that can be realized in the real world.

You can prepare the journey to Mars in advance! Mine Mars Tokens (MRST) on the MRST Mining App available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store until the official launch of Mellow in 2024. You will be able to use the MRST you mined in Mellow to purchase various items for a super smooth settlement :)

Own Your Plot on Mars

Once you get MRST, you can stake it and earn PBOS to acquire your very own Land in NFTs, where you can unleash your landlord dreams!

Shape your own land into a trendy shopping destination, art gallery, or a virtual classroom. Your imagination is the limit! These Land NFTs can also be rented out as commercial spaces for MRST payment, opening up avenues beyond creativity for personal and financial development.

🌟 Live your life in Mellow

Hobbies, Social Interactions, and Personal Growth

Mellow is more than just a game; it’s a universe of life experiences. Dive into hobbies like painting or playing musical instruments, socialize with friends from all over the globe, and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Mellow becomes your playground for both gaming and life’s adventures.

🚀 Preparing for Launch in 2024

Get ready for your metaverse adventure launching in 2024. Mellow is not just about gaming; it’s about creating a future where every moment is valuable, turning your time and interactions into real value. Become a Mellow pioneer and step into a new era of metaverse gaming! 🚀✨

In the next article, we will dive deeper and find out what the Metaverse is all about!



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Mellow is a Massively Multiplayer Mobile Metaverse Game.