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In Mellow’s metaverse, Mars Token (MRST) is central. Muro is foundational, Gems unlock rare items, and Bitrium connects the in-game and real-world economies by converting to MRST. As Mellow approaches its 2024 launch, MRST’s role expands, offering diverse opportunities and real-world value. It’s not just virtual currency; MRST is the heartbeat of a dynamic metaverse on Mars. 🚀✨

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In Mellow’s dynamic metaverse, where it is “Better than Earth”, currencies play a crucial role. Among them, the Mars Token (MRST) stands as the central player. Let’s take a closer look at MRST and see how it defines the economic landscape of the gaming journey on Mars.

The Trio of Currencies in Mellow: Muro, Gem, and Bitrium

To comprehend MRST, we must acquaint ourselves with the trio of currencies in Mellow, each serving specific roles in the Martian economy.

Muro, Gem & Bitrium


The foundational currency, comparable to “gold” in traditional RPGs. Muro underpins transactions and basic economic activities within the game, facilitating the purchase of essential items like basic costumes, basic furniture, and basic equipment.


The currency to look for when it comes to acquiring valuable and rare in-game items. As a medium for exclusivity, Gems elevate the gaming experience by unlocking coveted treasures.


Positioned at the summit is Bitrium, a currency that intertwines with the core of Mellow’s economy. Its uniqueness lies in its exchangeability for MRST outside the game, offering tangible value beyond the metaverse. Bitrium can also be used to acquire Gems, aiding in the collection and display of rare items, or for transactions like paying and receiving rent on Mellow Land.

Bitrium acts as a bridge, connecting in-game experiences with the tangible world. As players amass Bitrium, they unlock dual possibilities — enhancing in-game adventures by converting it into Gems for acquiring rare items and translating your achievements into real-world value through MRST.

Purchasing items

The Future of MRST in Mellow

As Mellow approaches its grand 2024 launch, MRST is primed for a more substantial role in the game. Players can anticipate an expanding array of opportunities, from facilitating transactions to unlocking rewards, all thanks to MRST.

In conclusion, MRST isn’t merely a virtual currency in Mellow; it’s the conduit transforming digital accomplishments into real-world value. As players immerse themselves in the Mellow adventure, MRST serves as the pulsating core, promising a dynamic, interconnected, and rewarding experience in the metaverse on Mars. 🚀✨

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