Mars Token (MRST) listing on MEXC Global

MRST will be listed for trading on MEXC Global on 26th December

We are thrilled to announce our second MRST listing partner, MEXC Global!

🔹 When: December 26, 08:00 UTC
🔹 Join MEXC and Deposit now 👉

more detail in the article below:

Mars Labs, a blockchain-based metaverse development company, announced that it will be listing Mars Token (MRST) on MEXC Global, a global crypto asset exchange, on December 26 at 17:00 Korean time. MEXC Global, founded in 2018, is one of the world’s largest exchanges with over 10 million users, offering crypto asset trading services in over 70 countries.

With this listing, MRST, the utility token for the Mars Metavers, will be available for trading on a total of four exchanges, including two centralized exchanges (OKX and MEXC Global) and two decentralized exchanges (Mesh Swap and Klay Swap). Mars Labs, the developer of MRST, is working to build a “Mars-themed blockchain metaverse platform” and an ecosystem through various content such as the “Martians NFT” and the “MRST Mining App”.

Within the metaverse platform, MRST can be used to expand buildings and personal spaces, purchase in-game items, and participate in events and games. It is expected that this listing will further increase the accessibility and liquidity of MRST, as well as the adoption of the Mars Labs platform.



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