[the Mars] Mars Token (MRST) with Polygon

After in-depth discussions with our own developers, blockchain subject matter experts, and our community, we decided to use POLYGON Blockchain Network (MATIC) for Mars tokens (MRST) in order to avoid transaction fees associated with using ERC-20. We also believe that the polygon network may have an advantage when it comes time to return to the Ethereum ecosystem after the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade.

We believe that the Ethereum ecosystem is and will remain the most dominant ecosystem in the blockchain space and we want to have the flexibility to make choices that are best for our users. With user experience in mind including access to IDO platforms, Opensea, and the wide availability and deep liquidity of MATIC on many exchanges, we’ve come to the conclusion that Polygon is the most suitable choice for the team and the users alike! MRST as well as the NFTs will be issued on the Polygon network and will be available for sale or trade on the native NFT marketplace or Opensea.

Currently, the Polygon chain can be withdrawn from Binance (0.1 MATIC), Gate.IO (1.3 MATIC) as well as wallets that support the Polygon chain for a low fee of 30 gwei. We always thank you for all your love and support!

We create the key that unlocks a new world! https://marslabs.co

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