📊[Q3 2023] MRST Circulating Supply

Mars Labs
2 min readOct 12, 2023


We are pleased to share the important information regarding the circulating supply of $MRST for Q3, 2023.

You can also view the spead sheet here:


There are some noteworthy points in the circulation for Q3:

  • We have changed the way we calculate the circulating supply for Ecosystem (MRST Mining App). Previously, it was calculated as the total sum of MRST that was mined and could potentially be withdrawn according to the users’ grades including off-chain data. However, from Q3, we will be counting only the MRST sent on-chain from the Deployer to the withdrawal reservoir as this represents the actual cap that can be withdrawn. In order to apply the change to the actual on-chain supply figure, we have made the negative adjustment on paper.
  • Buyback has been considered as a reduction in circulating supply as it has been withdrawn from the market.
  • 100,000 MRST burned due to unclaimed Marlotto was not recorded on paper for Q2. This adjustment has been made.

With all the adjustments, Total Circulating Supply as of Q3 2023 comes to 355,203,884 MRST.

The Mars team will continue the efforts to ensure that the $MRST supply information is transparent and consistent with our project’s roadmap and vision.

Thank you for your support everyone!


  • Please note that the disclosed amount of $MRST may differ from the actual amount due to transaction fees, rounding, or other factors, and does not include any decimal points.
  • “Total Supply” is the sum of all tokens that actually exist on the network as of present, excluding “Burned”.
  • “Circulating Supply” is the actual amount of supply that is available in the market for trading.
  • 5 billion MRST stated in the whitepaper is the MAXIMUM amount that “can be” issued over the years to build The Mars: Metaverse ecosystem. We do not expect all 5 billion MRST to be in circulation and what is not used will be burned.



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