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2 min readApr 1, 2024

We are pleased to share the important information regarding the circulating supply of $MRST for Q1, 2024.

Quarterly Circulating Supply information:

Q1, 2024 Circulating Supply

Monthly Breakdown of Circulating Supply:

Q1, 2024 Circulating Supply (Monthly breakdown)

You can also view the full spread sheet here:

The Mars team will continue the efforts to ensure that the $MRST supply information is transparent and consistent with our project’s roadmap and vision.

Thank you for your support everyone!


  • Please note that the disclosed amount of $MRST may differ from the actual amount due to transaction fees, rounding, or other factors, and does not include any decimal points.
  • “Total Supply” is the sum of all tokens that actually exist on the network as of present, excluding “Burned”.
  • “Circulating Supply” is the actual amount of supply that is available in the market for trading.
  • 5 billion MRST stated in the whitepaper is the MAXIMUM amount that “can be” issued over the years to build Mellow ecosystem. We do not expect all 5 billion MRST to be in circulation and what is not used will be burned.
  • Mars Labs will issue a maximum of an additional 1 billion MRST in the first year of the game’s live service for metaverse rewards. Its distribution must be on a daily user basis.



Mars Labs

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