📊[Q4 2023] MRST Token Supply

Mars Labs
2 min readJan 2, 2024

We are pleased to share the important information regarding the circulating supply of $MRST for Q4, 2023.

Quarterly Circulating Supply information:

Q4, 2023 Circulating Supply
  • Important:
    We made a correction to the ‘Private Sale’ figure, adjusting it from 0 to 23,391,225. This adjustment has been applied to the circulation report for 1Q 2024. (edited on April 1st, 2024)

Monthly Breakdown of Circulating Supply:

Q4, 2023 Circulating Supply (Monthly breakdown)

You can also view the full spead sheet here:


In Q4, 2023 we have minted 400,000,000 MRST as a part of the 5 billion MRST allocated for early-stage development and ecosystem creation. Total of 5 billion MRST tokens will be minted over 10 years in order to manage and maintain reasonable supply for the ecosystem. The final proportions for distribution (eg. 20% for Ecosystem, 4% for Public Sale), as per the white paper, does not change.

With all the adjustments, Total Circulating Supply as of Q4 2023 comes to 439,092,609 MRST.

The Mars team will continue the efforts to ensure that the $MRST supply information is transparent and consistent with our project’s roadmap and vision.

Thank you for your support everyone!


  • Please note that the disclosed amount of $MRST may differ from the actual amount due to transaction fees, rounding, or other factors, and does not include any decimal points.
  • “Total Supply” is the sum of all tokens that actually exist on the network as of present, excluding “Burned”.
  • “Circulating Supply” is the actual amount of supply that is available in the market for trading.
  • 5 billion MRST stated in the whitepaper is the MAXIMUM amount that “can be” issued over the years to build Mellow ecosystem. We do not expect all 5 billion MRST to be in circulation and what is not used will be burned.



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