The First Expedition to TheMars: Metaverse!

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Hello Fellow Martians!

We would like to invite you to The First Expedition to The Mars: Metaverse where you will be able to get a sneak preview of the project!

The main purpose of The First Expedition is to create and test the environment with real users and this test will give us the opportunity to fine-tune our development moving forward.

While we have done our best to ensure a smooth experience, it is inevitable that we will encounter some technical difficulties during this test. Please note that this is only the first version and the very purpose of this test is to encounter those difficulties. If and when this happens, we do ask that you be patient and provide us with any feedback or issues you encounter so that we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

For this test round we will be distributing APK files so, unfortunately, you will be able to access using Android devices & PC emulators only.

Also, we have prepared events and prizes during the test so don’t miss this opportunity to be among the first to experience The Mars: Metaverse!


There will be two short separate sessions over two days. The first day will be for The Martians NFT holders only, and everyone else is welcome to join on the second day.

Holders-only: 1900–2200 March 2nd 2023 (UTC+9)

Public: 1900–2200 March 3rd 2023 (UTC+9)


Look around The Mars Colony
Experience the basic functions
Events with 2,000 USDT prizes

We will be back soon with more information about holder registration and event details!



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