[the Mars] MRST Staking Service

Hello, Fellow Martians!

If you have been watching for us, you might have known that MRST Staking Service (https://event.marscompany.co/mrststake/) started on November 24, 2022. As described, you can receive Phobos Token (PBOS), the governance token for Mars: Metaverse by staking MRST.

Mainly, $PBOS holders can participate in (1) Land Tickets/Sales and (2) PBOS Delegate (DAO) that is coming early next year (Q1 2023).

And, we are so proud of all the $MRST holders that:

At the maximum, you will be able to receive about 650% APR for staking 360 days. Our team is very much appreciated that this all happened within a week after we first launch the service.

Again, thank you for your interest and passion toward $MRST. We’ll be back with more updates on the upcoming Land Sale and Phobos Delegate, soon!

-The Mars: Metaverse Project Team-



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