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Mellow’s Closed Beta Test #2 (CBT#2) is on the horizon, promising a gaming adventure like never before. Following the success of speed runs and street basketball, CBT#2 introduces an exciting obstacle running game and an array of new content inside and outside the colony. Social interaction takes center stage with Citizen Tiers, allowing players to follow friends, send messages, and invite them to virtual spaces. Mellow is not just a game; it’s a thriving metaverse where connections flourish. Stay tuned for more updates as Mellow continues to evolve and shape the future of Martian exploration!

Mellow’s CBT#2: An Adventure Beyond Expectations!

Get ready, fellow Martians! Mellow is about to launch into a whole new dimension of excitement with its upcoming Closed Beta Test #2 (CBT#2) scheduled for Q2 2024. If the first test and closed beta were anything to go by, the speed run and street basketball games were a great hit, and now, Mellow is gearing up to elevate the gaming experience!

Speed Run during “The First Expedition” (left), Street Basketball (right)

During the initial test, affectionately known as “The First Expedition,” the speed run game attracted considerable interest. The thrill of racing against time captivated players, making it a standout feature. Following that success, the first closed beta test introduced the street basketball game, proving that Mellow isn’t just another 3D mining app — it’s a place where people can genuinely have fun and interact.

But wait, there’s more! CBT#2 is set to unleash a plethora of exciting new content that goes far beyond the basketball court. The promise of more fun and diverse experiences awaits every Martian explorer.

Mellow isn’t just another 3D mining app — it’s a place where people can genuinely have fun and interact.

Inside the Colony: Crafting, Socializing, and Adventure

Step into the heart of Mellow — the colony, a dome-shaped utopia where Earth migrants have found a new home. In CBT#2, Mellow introduces a dual experience, offering players the best of both worlds — inside and outside the colony.

Not everyone seeks the same gaming thrill, and Mellow understands that. Inside the colony, players can indulge in the slow Martian life. Craft items, sell them, take a leisurely stroll with friends, or simply unwind around the campfire.

Not everyone has to compete intensly in Mellow

Be an artist and watch as people gather around in awe. Craft items you desire and, for a touch of adventure, embark on quests outside the colony to gather rare resources.

Show off your talent!

Owning a piece of Martian land is not just ownership; it’s an opportunity to become the colony celeb. Transform your land into a fancy gallery or a bustling party house — Mellow is a realm where possibilities are as vast as the Martian landscape.

CBT#2 Excitement: Speed Run Evolution

Prepare to enter the arena!

For those who missed the speed run from The First Expedition, Mellow has heard your enthusiasm and decided to take it up a notch. CBT#2 introduces an exciting running game where you can compete against friends on thrilling maps. Picture a water map and a fearsome sky map — with more exciting stages on the way!

Waterpark map (left), Sky map (right)

Social Interaction: The Heart of Mellow

Mellow is not just stopping at games. The commitment to providing a rich and immersive experience continues. The development team is tirelessly working to bring more life content within the colony, ensuring that your adventures in Mellow are always fresh and exciting.

As we delve deeper into the metaverse, social interaction becomes paramount. Recognizing this, Mellow is working on social features to enhance your metaverse experience. Citizen Tiers (refer to this article on Citizen Tiers for more information!) add a competitive edge, allowing you to follow friends, send messages, and invite them to your virtual space. Mellow is not just a game; it’s a space where connections flourish.

Interact with your metaverse friends

Outside the Colony: Explore the Wild Side

And now, the surprise element! Mellow isn’t confined to the utopian life inside the colony. As Martians evolve, so do their needs. Venturing outside becomes essential for collecting resources, which can be used for crafting cool costumes or enhancing “Combot”, your trusty companion for exploring Mars.

Explore and collect resources!

How do you step outside the colony, you ask? Through the newly built immigration gate! It’s your ticket to the wild side of Mellow, where the untamed beauty of Mars unfolds.

You can venture outside the colony through the immigration gate

Mellow is not just expanding in content; it’s also improving the user experience. Based on valuable feedback from the last two tests, the UX/UI components are getting a facelift, making your Mellow environment even more immersive.

UX/UI improvements

As the countdown to CBT#2 begins, the excitement is building up! With new games, expanded life content, social features, and improvements across the metaverse, Mellow is shaping up to be an even more thrilling and dynamic space. Stay tuned for more updates, and let the Martian adventure continue!

**Please note that all contents, information, and images can and will change as the game is still in development.**



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